Soup-Ham and Bean

  • Keep this soup in the fridge or freezer and you've got an easy lunch or dinner on hand that you can reheat in a matter of minutes! This Home style Ham and Bean Soup is a cozy and satisfying one pot meal!
  • Serving Size  14 oz.
    Total Fat g
    Cholesterol mg
    Sodium mg
    Carbohydrates g
    Sugars g
    Protein g
  • Ham, water, chicken bouillon, diced carrots, diced onion, garli and spices.
  • This product should remain frozen until ready for use. Best results are obtained by thawing prior to heating. For food safety reasons, always thaw in refrigerator.
    Heat in microwave until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.
    Thawed 2-3 minutes
     Frozen  5-6 minutes

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Category: Side Dish

Type: Side Item

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