How It Works


We know you may have some questions concerning our prepared meal service, so we have taken the liberty to address some questions for you.

Q: Do I have to place my order in advance, or can I just swing by your kitchen?
A: Feel free to use our easy Grab N' Go service by simply visiting our Doing
      Dinner kitchen for meals that are ready to simply heat and eat. We will try to
      keep a good variety in stock so you can be a mealtime hero!

Q: How do I pay for my Doing Dinner meals?
A: We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards.

Q: I just placed an order online. How will I know that it has been received?
A: Once you place your order and complete the checkout process, the last 
          page will tell you your checkout is complete and issue an order number.
          You will also receive an email with your order summary.

Q: How do I prepare my meals?
A: Every Meal comes with heating instructions attached.
          Instructions are also available on the product pages by
         clicking on the cooking instruction tab.

Q: Do you Deliver?
A: We offer delivery locally for a $50.00 minimum food order. Some addresses may require a small delivery fee if order is more than five miles from our store. Orders over $100 receive free delivery within our local delivery area! Orders are delivered week days from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Click local delivery at checkout and enter your zip code to see if you are in our local delivery area. NOTE: altough you are in a qualifying zip code, your actual address may may not qualify for delivery based on distance. Some areas that are not in our zip code delivery zone may still qualify for delivery. Call us at 352-236-0120 to see if your address is covered.


 SW Ocala- 34474,34476,34481                 Tuesday/Friday
 SE Ocala - 34471,34472,34480,34420      Wednesday
 N. Ocala - 34470, 34475, 34479, 34482    Thursday

NOTE: You may live in one of the above zip codes, but your address may still extend beyond our delivery area.

NOTE: Delivery is not available on Monday.

Meals are delivered frozen for door step delivery. If you will not be home during the delivery window, be sure to leave a cooler or insulated bag outside your door to protect your meals until you get home. Please make sure cooler or bag is large enough to accomodate your meals.

Q: Do you Ship Meals?
     A: We do not offer shipping at this time.

Q: Where do I find nutritional information?
     A: You can find nutritional and other information on the product pages. Simply scroll down each product page until you see product description and additional tabs.

Q: Can I purchase Doing Dinner gift certificates?
     A: Yes, gift certificates can be purchased online by clicking on the "Gift Card" tab at the top of the home page. A digital card will be emailed to the recipient. Simply be sure to enter the recipient's email address in the contact information section at checkout.