Oven Pack Protein Meals - Meatloaf Protien Pack

  • Seasoned ground beef loaded with the stuff that great meatloaf is made of like diced green peppers, diced onion and select spices topped with our special sauce before baking to perfection in our own oven for the ultimate comfort food. Served with brown gravy
  • Serving Size w/sauce 4 - 5oz Servings
    Calories 307
    Total Fat 13.5 g
    Cholesterol 140 mg
    Sodium 683 mg
    Carbohydrates 10 g
    Sugars 8 g
    Protein 29 g
  • Lean ground beef, eggs, ketchup, rolled oats, green pepper, onion, salt, pepper, brown sugar, cider vinegar, mustard,
  • Best results are obtained by thawing product prior to heating. For food safety reasons, always thaw meals in refrigerator.

    Oven Pack - follow heating instructions on package for oven heating application. Do not heat these meals in microwave while in their foil container. Protein packs consist of meat and sauce only and do not include sides.

Collections: Oven Pack Double Meals

Type: Beef

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