Blackened Tilapia

  • Flakey Tilapia baked with a Parmesan crumb coating served with green beans and roasted red skin potatoes.
  • Serving Size 9.5 oz.
    Calories 181
    Total Fat 1.6g
    Cholesterol 45mg
    Sodium 186mg
    Carbohydrates 20g
    Sugars 3.8g
    Protein 21g
  • Tilapia, roasted redskin potatoes (olive oil, contains less than 2% of autolyzed yeast extract, citric acid, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, dextrose, dried chicken broth, salt, spics, sugar), green beans.
  • Contains fish
  • Meals should remain frozen until ready for use. Best results are obtained by thawing product prior to heating. For food safety reasons, always thaw meals in refrigerator.
    Heat in microwave until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees and fish flakes with a fork.
    Single- Thawed - heat 2- 2 1/2 minutes 
                 Frozen  - reduce microwave power to 50% and heat 4-6 minutes

Collections: Single Meals

Type: Seafood

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